​​​​Monday Night Classes:
Weekly dance classes are held every Monday evening (excluding holidays) at: 

         The Gloria E. McClellan Senior Center at Brengle Terrace in Vista 
1400 Vale Terrace Dr,
Vista, CA 92084

2019 Classes:
January/ February: Begining Tango and Intermediate Bolero. 
March/ April: Begining:  Night Club Two Step; Intermediate:  ChaCha.
May/June (Carrie Kloss): Begining East Coast Swing; Intermediate Tango
July/August (Marsha Hanson):  Begining West Coast Swing; Intermediate Foxtrot
September/October (Carrie Kloss): Waltz; Intermediate Samba
November TBA

May/June:  Beginning Rumba - Intermediate Quick Step.  
July/August: Begining Cha Cha - Intermediate Waltz .
September/October: Begining FoxTrot - Intermediate Salsa.
November: Begining Merengue - Intermediate Waltz (continuation of July/August)

Class times:
Begining class from 7:00pm to 7:50pm
Intermediate class from 8:05pm to 9:00pm

Cost for the lessons are:
Single lesson:
$7 per person for non-members
$4 per person for PSD/NSD members.
Both lessons:
an additional $5 for non-members
an additional $2 for PSD/NSD members.

Begining classes start anew on the first Monday of the month.  The Intermediate classes continue through the two month cycle.  It is best to start each class at the begining of the month rather than the middle or the end of the month.

Our Instructor will be focusing on styling and especially technique in the Intermediate class.  While beginners are welcome to attend all classes, we caution you that the Intermediate classes require a solid grounding in the basics of the step and the class will move at a more rapid pace.  If you choose to join an Intermediate class, do be patient with yourself and try not to get frustrated if the material seems difficult. We do not want to dull the enthusiasm you may have to learn how to dance.