NSD Convention 2016:
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Friday Night DooDah Parade
Saturday practice, Afternoon Chinese New Year Parade dance & contests
Raglands & Lees: One Star International
Practice when your partner is injured
Donna and Don: Senior Waltz
Jack & Marilee: One Star American Smooth
Linda & Elliot: One Star American Smooth
Saturday Rose Parade Coronation Ball
Queen Geri & Fred
Sue & Chuck Johnson Thank Peter and Marsha for Honor Dance
Palomar Ladies
Palomar Ladies video
Marsha & Peter:  Three & Four Star American Smooth
Sunday afternoon 4th of July Parade: dance & contests
4th Of July Dance
Dance Class: Jonathan & Lorena, Professionals Extraordinaire!
Peggy & Len: Two Star International
Marilee & Jack: One Star American Rythm
Sunday Evening Mardi Gras Ball
Miriam, Fred & Queen Geri
Marilee & Jack Ragland
Ann & Tom Mauro
Fred & Geri: Country Group Dance